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WRITER, ARTIST, creative strategist, IDEA generator

Brands I've worked for include: Nissan (for which I wrote the global tagline SHIFT_), adidas, PlayStation, Energizer, Lexus, Cadillac, T-Mobile, Infiniti, Krispy Kreme, Dairy Queen, Coleman, Spirit Airlines, Target, Sprint, Wingstop, Penguin Books and Dice. I have won multiple Lions, One Show Pencils, Belding Bowls and Gold and Silver Effies. I was part of the senior management team at Chiat\Day that launched TBWA's digital shop \Tequila in North America. Recently I was part of the creative management team that turned GREY New York into a creative powerhouse, helping to win multiple new business pitches in two years. Most recently I was part of the C-Suite at Barkley in Kansas City, playing a major role in the rebound of the agency after they lost half their revenue with the loss of Sonic. In less than two years we replaced the lost revenue, winning more than 20 pitches in two years and close to 30 in four. I led the rebuilding of the agency by recruiting national creative talent to come to Kansas City, building Barkley's video capability from scratch including opening Better Than Famous in LA, launching Barkley's innovation lab Moonshot and authoring Barkley's philosophy of good. 

I was a professor at Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design, where I taught for four years on writing, having ideas and new media. I have a passion for mentoring thinkers and see that as a major part of my life.

TED Conference attendee since 2004
Licensee of TEDxNewYork.